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nuclear test. japan is working with the united states and south korea to impose additional sanctions, but tokyo's ambassador says the three countries are too distant from china's position to permit dialog. >>> the u.n. general assembly has adopted a resolution about north korea's human rights violations. the document expresses serious concern about what it describes as systemic and or systematic and widespread human rights violations. they include torture and public executions. the text also urges the north korean government to resolve the abduction of japanese citizens and other foreign nationals. a north korean diplomat has dismissed the document as political fabrication. >>> it's certainly not up to the minute, but state-run media has been much faster in reporting the results of south korea's presidential election than they've been in the past. the brief reports thursday, the day after the election, and friday. they say park of the conservative ruling party had won a tight race by a small margin. compare that with what happened five years ago. north korea waited to report the resu
>>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." >>> voters in south korea have made history. public broadcaster kbs is reporting that park has been elected as the first female president. kbs projects she defeated her main rival of the opposition democratic united party. officials with the election commission say park won 51% of the votes. they say moon took 48%. they have counted about two-thirds of the ballots. park trumpeted her wealth and political experience during the campaign. she squared off with moon on a number of issues during the campaign. south koreans want their next leader to rein in the country's conglomerates. they say they are snatching market is share away from small and medium sized firms. park favors restraints to keep growth in check, but insisted that major companies should enjoy future regulations. on the diplomatic front, park on the diplomatic front, park on the diplomatic front, park on the diplomatic front, park on the diplomatic front, park argued that her country should built a relationship of trust with north korea before opening dialog with the nation.
for selling legal pot in california. that should be really interesting. south korea, what are they doing right with their educational system. is it this? >> the virtual teacher leaves this 16-year-old with virtually no time off. >> we work harder. >> cenk: he studies until midnight, gets up at 6:00 in the morning. that's crazy but a really interesting story. we'll talk about it a little bit later. >> you think our politicians fight? get a load of this. [ bell rings ] >> cenk: damn familiar we'll get to that and tell you where that's from. down goes susan rice. the republicans got her. also on the show, an unbelievable injustice regarding the bankers. don't miss that story. and elbow of the day brings back some justice. all right. it's go time. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> cenk: you know the fiscal cliff negotiations continue. today, john boehner walked out of congress and walked towards the white house. they are going to continue to talk about -- there he is, doing it. duh-duh-duh-duh duh-duh. how are things going in congress? well, let's take a look. oh, my god what are they doing to each other? don'
. the officials say there was no possibility of debris falling on japanese territory. south korea's defense ministry says the rocket that north korea launched on wednesday could have reached as far as the u.s. west coast. >> translator: the rocket launched today must be a long-range missile with an estimated range of about 10,000 kilometers. >> kim said the launch was aimed at furthering the development of intercontinental ballistics missiles. the launch had officials scrambling to catch up. north korean authorities announced monday they were extending the launch window by a week because of problems. south korean officials said their intelligence suggested a delay. they said north korean crews removing the missile from a launch pad possibly to repair it. they told nhk the technical problems didn't just affect the first stage control engine module. that possibly the entire system. but after the launch, south korean defense ministry spokesperson kim minsuk said the information had not been officially confirmed despite the fact it came from the government. commanders of japan's self defense fo
nations discussed ways to convince officials in pyongyang to cancel the launch. south korea plans to send two aegis vessels capable of tracking missiles to the yellow sea to observe the launch. the monitoring will be done in coordination with u.s. forces. defense officials in seoul are also considering raising the country's alerstatus by one notch. japan's self-defense forces are on the alert in advance of this possible missile launch. the maritime sdf vessel carrying pac-3 missile interceptors has left its home port in hiroshima bound for okinawa. the pac-3 surface-to-air missiles are capable of shooting down debris should it come near the ground. the interceptors will be placed at several sites in okinawa. defense ministry officials expect the missile's flight path could take it over the islands of okinawa. commanders say they'll deploy aegis cruisers in those waters. they say they would only react if debris from a missile fell over japanese territory. >>> investigators are trying to understand why a highway tunnel near tokyo collapsed. panels on the tunnel's ceiling gave way, trapping
to fall in the yellow seat west of south korea. the second is expected to land east of the philippines. alerts to shipping companies have been issued. government officials in seoul have seen the scenario before. foreign ministry officials met separately with envoys from japan, the united states, china and russia. it's believed they discussed ways to cancel the launch. the ships have technology to track missiles. they're also considering raising the country's alert status by one notch. >>> euro zone finance ministers approved a loan just last week. now the greeks have announced one way they will use the funds. what's the latest? >> one of the requirements for greek receiving the bailout fund is they cut down their debt. they will buy back government bonds a t a discount. greek officials said on monday they will purchase the bonds from private financial institutions. they will pay 30 to 40% of the original price before the bonds mature. the announcement came a week after euro zone finance ministers agreed to offer 43.7 billion euros. that's about $57 billion. greek officials said the cri
's take a look at other markets open. south korea's kospi down bay third of a percent. the index is trading higher. a bit of a mixed picture in the asia pacific today. the head of mitsubishi electric has decided to take it were fault. they will decide on the penalty at an executive officers meeting on friday. sources say the president will have his entire compensation cut for six months. other kexecutives are expected o receive pay reductions. the companies have been overcharging clients. they're set to pay over $800 million to the state and other entities. that's the latest headlines. here is a check on markets. >>> soldiers are shooting from their doorsteps. more and more syrians are heading for the border. 5 500,000 refugees have fled to neighboring countries. government and opposition forces are fighting for control of the capital damascus, the northern city of aleppo and other places. officials with the u.n. office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs say there's no more safe areas where people can take refuge. they need help to feed people an treat the sick. the u.n
and are trying to settle into their new lives. >> a tarp class in south korea -- a guitar class in south korea. it has been two years since this 20-year-old fled north korea. she is trying to build a new life in the south. >> i have gained liberty here in south korea. i. north korea, i lived in a small shack with my family for 17 years. that is what i think about when i reflect on north korea. >> all the students at her school come from families that defected from 03 a. finance by the church, it aims to these youngsters into their new lives. purely in physical terms, the students from the north are very different from their southern counterparts. on average, they are 14 senate these shorter -- 14 centimeters shorter. their bodies are not prepared for wholesome meals. >> all of us went hungry. i thought it was part of life. i did not know any different. >> teachers say many of the students are traumatized. some are orphans. others had to leave their parents behind in the north. they have witnessed executions or watched as relatives died of starvation. their last chance of survival was to defect
in tokyo. >>> authorits inorth korea are pressing ahead with plans to launch what they call a rocket. south korean government officials say their neighbors are sending up a missile. they say it has a range of more than 10,000 kilometers capable of reaching the u.s. west coast. experts used data from previous launches to make their estimate. they say a missile launched in 2009 had a range of almost 7,000 kilometers. north korean officials tried again in april. the rocket exploded shortly after takeoff. seconds longer tn those used 18 inrevious attempts. the experts believe engineers may have succeeded in reducing the size of a nuclear warhead. south korean officials say workers have completed the assembly of the three-stage missile. they say once the crew injects the fuel, it will be ready to go. authorities in pyongyang say they've launch between the 10th and 22nd of this month. they say they're sending a satellite into orbit. but leaders of japan and other countries believe the north koreans are carrying out a test of a long-range ballistic missile. the senior u.s. diplomat on north korea
and south korea said the launch was in fact a ballistic missile test. the test ended in failure with the rocket exploding in midair two minutes after liftoff. it broke into more than ten pieces and fell into the ocean. analysts say north korea's young leader kim jong-un wants to correct this failure before his first anniversary of his father's death on december 17th. kim may also be trying to consolidate his power base by showing his dedication to a may 31st policy. kim has also vowed to develop north korea's economy. >> translator: we must start on a path of industrial revolution for the new century to make north korea a great economic power. >> reporter: but there are no tangible signs of improvement. the u.n. world food program says 16 million north koreans, or nearly 70% of the population, suffer from malnutrition. north korea's relations with the outside world are at a standstill. last february the united states agreed to provide food aid in exchange for a freeze on ballistic missile tests. but the deal was broken after the north tested a missile in april. north korea's lea
. many public services were disrupted in the capital. >>> in south korea, voters have elected their first female president, who follows in the footsteps of her father who was also president. she is vowing to batter the economy. >> she has occupied a place on the national stage since the early 20's, but this is something new. if just before midnight, in freezing temperatures in central seoul, she addressed her supporters and the nation as the first female president elect. >> i will be the people's president who keeps promises to the citizens. this is the year of happiness we have all been waiting for. >> south korea remains a male- dominated society. just half of the working age women still have a job. if some see this as a transformative moment. >> there has been a glass ceiling in this society. with a woman president, took that we will demonstrate our troop qualities. >> i admit defeat, but it is just my defeat, not not that of others who are hoping to have a new government. i congratulate park. >> there was unexpectedly high turnout. nearly 60% of the 40 million eligible voters came out
capture the imaginations of audiences everywhere, these are faces of south korea. nhk world updates you on what's happening across the peninsula, wednesday and thursday here on "newsline". >>> south korea says its military has retrieved from under the sea what appears to be debris from the engine of the north korean rocket launched two weeks ago. north korean leaders claim the rocket was carrying a satellite. but many countries believe it was a test of long-range missile technology. the object was retrieved from a depth of 88 meters in the yellow sea. the defense ministry official says if it's confirmed to be part of the rocket's first-stage engine, it will help understand its capabilities. south korea's military has already retrieved a fuel tank and containers oxidizer used for combustion. ministry officials suspect that north korea is trying to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile. >> a japanese media report is casting doubt on chinese claims to the senkaku islands in the east china sea. jiji press says the chinese government recognized the islands as part of japan in a docum
the world. artists who capture the imaginations of audiences everywhere, these are faces of south korea. nhk world updates you on what's happening across the peninsula, wednesday and thursday here on "newsline". >>> south korea says its military has retrieved from under the sea what appears to be debris from the engine of the north korean rocket launched two weeks ago. north korean leaders claim the rocket was carrying a satellite. but many countries believe it was a test of long-range missile technology. the object was retrieved from a depth of 88 meters in the yellow sea. the defense ministry official says if it's confirmed to be part of the rocket's first-stage engine, it will help understand its capabilities. south korea's military has already retrieved a fuel tank and containers oxidizer used for combustion. ministry officials suspect that north korea is trying to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile. >> a japanese media report is casting doubt on chinese claims to the senkaku islands in the east china sea. jiji press says the chinese government recognized the islands as part o
>>> park in power. voters in south korea elect their first female president. south koreans have woken up to a new era of politics. park will become the first woman to lead their country. the candidate from the ruling party defeated moon of the democratic united party in a tight race. >> translator: i won't forget you supported and trusted me in this campaign. i'll build a society where people can make their dreams come true and i will create an area of people's happiness where everyone can feel it is worthwhile. >> park won more than 51% of the vote. moon took 48%. during the campaign park contributed her wealth of political experience. she squared off with moon on a number of issues. they say powerful business blogs are taking market share away from small and medium size firms. park argued south korea needs to do more to build trust with north korea. her father was president too so she understands some of the difficulties she'll face. we have more on that. >> reporter: this victory is thanks to the enthusiasm of people who want to raise their living standard. the name recogniti
a look at other markets in the asia-pacific. south korea's kospi, that's trading higher by 0.20%, 1,968. taking a look at australia, the benchmark index there is trading higher by 0.3%, 4,589. >>> china has become the world's biggest processor of patent applications, overtaking the u.s. for the first time last year. the world intellectual property organization says china's patent office received more than 526,000 applications in 2011. that's up 35% from the previous the united states received 503,000 applications. japan came in third with 342,000. that's slightly down from the previous year. china overtook japan in 2010. >>> more business headlines for you next hour. i'm going to leave you with a check on markets. >>> this just coming into us right now. breaking news. the japanese government has announced that officials in north korea have launched a missile. government officials say the north koreans went ahead with the launch at 9:49 local time this morning. they said the missile went off in a southerly dictio th nth koreansayhey were launching a rocket to put a satellite into orb
to coordinate their response. south korea's chief nuclear negotiator and the head of the japanese foreign ministries headed to washington. they met with u.s. special representative on north korea, glen davies. they will continue diplomatic efforts until the last minute. >> translator: we also agreed that the international community should take firm action if north korea goes ahead with the launch. >> sugiyama said he hopes to visit beijing to discuss the matter with chinese officials. >> they're ignored warnings over the year when they went ahead with a launch that ended in failure. covering the korean peninsula, we see why leaders in the north are pushing ahead despite opposition. >> reporter: the ballistic missile launch will be the second since kim jong-un took power a year ago. it will use the same launch pad, a site in the northwestern part of the country. before the first testing, officials said the three-stage rocket was meant to carry a satellite. but japan and the u.s. and south korea said the launch was about a missile test. the launch was a missile test. the test ended in failu
in japan and south korea. japan is locked in territorial disputes with its neighbors, and some are worried the new government may develop a newhard-line stance. chinese media gave wide coverage to the election. they referred to the ldp's promise to the passage of the constitution. they want to change the status of the defense forces and turn them into a national defense force. a restless japan will bring new disturbances to the world. stout correspo south korea's immediamedia are expressing concerns. what they call the hawkish ldp will cause frictions with south korea. let's see how the results are affecting the market. we're joined with more on that and other business stories. so yuko, how are the markets reacting? >> abe has given investors some pretty clear signs. he says he'll push for more economic measures and the results of the election has sent the japanese yen tumbling in major currency. the democratic party will pressure the central bank to ease credit further. earlier on monday in sydney, the dollar briefly rose to the mid-84 level against the yen. that's the highest level in ab
argue that would not have prevented the shooting. >>> people in south korea are heading to the polls to choose a new president. and they could put a woman in the job for the first time. two main candidates sparred in the final tv debate ahead of wednesday's vote. park geun-hye of the ruling saenuri party and moon jae-in of the democratic united party talked about how to deal with south korea's aging society. they wanted to raise the retirement age to allow people to work longer. moon talked about higher pension benefits and a ceiling on health care costs the elderly have to bear. they also debated lower college tuition. >> translator: the previous administration approved the largest ever tuition hike. first of all, you should apologize to students and parents for having caused such pain. >> translator: you say you promise to lower tuition because we are facing an election, but isn't it wrong the current government led by your party not to have done that over the past four years? >> the latest polls suggest park is maintaining a narrow lead getting her closer to getting her to be sout
ties with south dakota. he spoke with south korea's kim a day after taking office, saying south korea is japan's most important neighbor and they share fundamental values and interests. he alluded to a dispute over the senkaku islands in the sea of japan. kim said it's important to maintain close communications. they agreed to work closely on issues relating to north korea. >>> japanese government officials may be looking forward to the new year, but they have to sort through a slew of economic data first. so what can you tell us? >> you're right, they can't kick up their heels just yet, because they have a handful of economic indicators to sort through for japan for november. the jobless rate improved to 4.1%. officials at the internal affairs ministry say the figure is out 0.1 program poiercentage from the previous month. separately labor ministry officials said job availability was flat. 80 positions were available for every 100 job seekers. the officials say the global economic slowdown and an end to government subsidies for eco friendly vehicles have reduced the number of jobs av
other and work this through by dialogue. >> reporter: now japan has a dispute with south korea. they would like to see the japanese put aside their differences. american diplomats rely on the partners of both countries to contain it. the north koreans may be well on their way to gaining technology to launching missiles. >> thank you very much. >>> european leaders are hoping for more stability. what's the european take on the new government? >> as you know europeans have seen no shortage of instability these days. they are paying close attention to economic policies of the new government. they are expected to begin next spring. eu president said they hope ep negotiations with strengthen ties and lead to sustainable global economic growth. fra some eu nations also say japan's efforts to open its market have been insufficient. eu helps to plan negotiations if japan fails to improve within one year after they begin talks. as the clock ticks away on the fiscal cliff, we're seeing some signs of concessions between republicans and democrats. president obama and john boehner met again
. south korea's first-team a president elect is promising a new era for the korean peninsula. >> the post-election ritual in south korea -- a visit to the national cemetery. her mother and father both lie here and she paid public tribute to them. she spent energy and her campaign trying to distance herself from her father's rule. now the campaign over, it was time to set out how she intended to govern. >> i will try to make the society show economic benefits. >> she has promised to rein in the powerful conglomerate that drives the economy. a tricky proposition at the time of slowing growth and uncertainty. the other constant uncertainty allies at north of the border. she knowledge is the difficulties in fulfilling a pledge to explore what she calls trust-based diplomacy. >> north korea's launch of a long-range rocket has shown how serious the reality is that our security is facing now. recent conflict is growing. i think people are calling on me to overcome this crisis. >> there was not much in the way of specifics but for some people her very election is transformative because this is st
from china as well as japan and south korea. he said he hopes the chinese can use their influence with their allies in pyongyang. >>> south korean foreign minister kim sung hwan has criticized north korea for spending more than $500 million on missile development. kim told a parliamentary committee that north korea is believed to have spent $400 million to build the tongchang-ri launch site and another $150 million for a missile plant outside pyongyang. unification minister yu woo-ik said the north has scheduled its next launch around the anniversary of the death of kim jong-il to enhance the authority of his son and successor, kim jong-un. yu said the north is also working to improve the reliability of its missile technology. >>> a highway operator in tokyo area has discovered a potential maintenance problem in one of its road tunnels near haneda airport. inspections by the metropolitan expressway company found one of the large rods used to hold up the tunnel's ceiling was broken. the emergency check comes three days after an expressway tunnel ceiling collapsed in yamanashi prefe
troops on it is side of the militarize zone separating from south korea. as well as nearly 30,000 u.s. forces. not only are they within strikes distance of the launch site, a long-range rocket shows north korea is on its way to developing technology to launch a rocket at the united states's west coast and hawaii. officials tell cnn that the working assumption is that the north koreans got outside help from others, including iran. so today's launch is raising some huge concerns. let's go to our pentagon correspondent barbara starr. i assume they are pretty surprised and alarmed by the successful launch over at the pentagon? >> look, wolf, because of everything you just mentioned, indeed, the u.s. military, the intelligence committee have been watching north korea for days now 24/7 because they did expect to launch and they announced it. but they were having technical problems so a lot thought it wouldn't happen until next week. when it happened last week, there was a surprise. the north korean anchor's excitement was clear. >> announcing the launch of a long-range rocket that put a n
appreciated wree n south korea. it is a generational thing over there. the older people who remember what we did for them and understand what we are doing for them appreciate us. >> but if the troops weren't there they would be speaking korean. >> just like michael ian black. >> i will say it again, i like you. >> future report. congressman you said liberal's report is for the united states to stop being dominant. what if we did take a break from being the world's only super power. what if we let europe defend europe and south korea defend south korea and said we will take care of ourselves for awhile. >> and my great fear is the chaos that arrives from that. >> why do you fear chaos, sir? >> excellent point. >> the argument though is that these other countries that want to replace us don't have an idea. but america is an idea. so when america decides not to be in charge you lose the idea of exceptionalism that other countries don't have. >> but do we care? >> i don't know. >> what if we just put charles in charge? >> of our days and our nights? >> scott baio would do an excellent job. >> i
next month. >> luca, stay with us. we want to bring you major news out of neighboring korea. south korea has chosen its first ever female president. cheri kay has all the news. how significant is the election of miss park? >> well, i mean, she's really made history, set to become south korea's first woman president. it was a very tight race, a very polarized election with park winning 51.5% of the votes. but in the end, south korea made a choice that means more hope of economic recovery. scenes of joy as the v in south korea's presidential poll. >> this election is your victory. this is a victory brought by the people's hope for overcoming crisis and economic recovery 37. >> the daughter of a former military leader will take office next year as the country's first female president, challenging syria types in a country traditionally ruled by men in suits. she will be tasked with getting the slowing economy back on track at a time when growth rates have risen to a meager 2% now. but she will need to do it in a way that appeases young voters who are calling for more balanced income di
promises. >> kaho, every south korean president takes office with a big north korea file on their desk. it's a difficult issue. what stance will park take toward her neighbor? >> reporter: she needs to balance competing visions. some south koreans want to be tough with the north. others favor reconciliation. park says it is her mission to ease tensions and maintain security. she refers to last week's launch, which north korean officials said used a rocket to send a satellite into orbit and other nations called a ballistic missile test. >> translator: north korea's missile launch was a symbolic act that showed us how serious our security situation is. we will begin a new era for our country with a strong security system and trusted foreign policy. i will keep my promise to the people. >> reporter: park spent part of this day exchanging views with ambassadors from japan, the u.s., china and russia. she has already started moving to form her government. she'll meet with members of the present administration to go over issues. a transfer commission will finalize her policies. then in february
the object seems to be orbiting south/north about 500 kilometers above earth. >>> south korea says the north was trying to create confusion before its launch. the government says the moves were intended to bewilder the international community. south korean defense ministry spokesperson kim suk wrangled with the criticism over his country's intelligence gathering capabilities. >> translator: it appears that north korea carried out a series of deceptive actions in launching this long-range missile. >> the launch came just a day after the south korean government announced that the rocket was being removed from the pad. kim said the situation changed between tuesday morning and afternoon. he suggested that the north most likely put the rocket back on the pad on tuesday afternoon but he says media reports were based on the situation in the morning. he also suggested that within several months the north could have the ability to carry out a nuclear test. >>> a majority of policymakers at the u.s. central bank forecast its 0 interest rate policy will be kept on hold until 2015. that's their view ba
korea has announced that the launch will take place sometime between december 10th and 22nd. the south korean official cited increased activity around the tongchang-ri launch site in northwestern north korea. earlier reports said all three stages of the rocket had been assembled. south korea's yonhap news agency quotes a government official as saying the fueling of the rocket could begin on saturday after the storage tank has been filled. chinese travel agencies have been informed that foreign tourists won't be allowed into north korea between the 15th and 20th of this month. analysts say the decision could be linked to events marking the first anniversary of kim jong-il's death on december 17th. >>> in japan, government leaders have ordered self-defense forces to be prepared to shoot down any debris from the rocket. the defense minister passed on that order to sdf commanders. >> translator: the day of the rocket launch, we ordered the sdf to intercept any debris from a north korean rocket. we're preparing in accordance with that order. >> it will fly southwest of okinawa's island. the
also labeled that a missile test. >>> senior officials from japan, south korea, and the united states are sharing strategies on how to dissuade the north koreans from carrying out this latest launch. they're gathering in washington. japan's chief negotiator from the foreign ministry, shinsuke sugiyama, flew out on tuesday. leaders in tokyo pushed for these in-depth talks. analysts from the three countries have already been sharing key information on north korea. south korea's chief negotiator, lim sung-nam, also traveled to the u.s. capital. >> translator: i would like to step up diplomatic efforts with the united states in a bid to prevent north korea from launching a missile. >> sugiyama and lim will be meeting up with glynn davies, the u.s. special representative on north korea. the three senior diplomats are expected to demand north korea exercise restraint and will likely refer to a u.n. security council resolution banning such activity. they're also expected to discuss plans of action in case the launch happens. the diplomats are likely to request the security council to issue a
here, but closer to us. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >>> south korea has elected its first female leader in more than 1,000 years. we'll hear from a bay area man with a close connection to the new president. >> reporter: people started lining up yesterday for a free bag of groceries. next, hear from humble volunteers and grateful recipients. >>> real or fake? the disturbing viral video that appears to show an eagle trying to fly off with an [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on, for two whole years. from at&t. [ female announcer ] a great price for a great triple-play bundle. [ male announcer ] call now. bundles with u-verse tv, internet and home phone start at $89 a month. now get the same great price for two years. [ female announcer ] switch today and get a total home dvr included, free for life. [ male announcer ] you get reliable, high speed internet o
drones to south korea. the deal is meant to upgrade surveillance on north korea as the country continues to develop its missile and nuclear programs. u.s. defense department. officials announced the $1.2 billion deal for the global hawk drones and related equipment. the aircraft can fly non-stop for 24 hours and identify objects the size of a golf ball from an altitude of 20,000 meters. u.s. officials say they revised a defense agreement with south korea to allow the sales and share the reconnaissance activity. the u.s. military has four global hawks stationed in guam. it's been urging japan to buy drones citing china's growing presence in regional waters. >>> north koreans celebrate the birthdays of kim jong un's father and grandfather but the young leader's special day hasn't been declared a national holiday. kim was reportedly born on january 8th. a recent 2013 calendar shows the date with simple black characters, but the birth dates of north korea's founder kim il sung and his son kim jong-il appear in large red letters indicating national holidays. experts say kim jong un's birthday
did something they could level seoul, south korea, tokyo. we are in a position where we can't really act because they have a lot of buttons they could push. >> how do they get all of that stuff? >> we gave it to them. we helped them get it at least. >> i should read my books. >> they were going to use it for energy. we gave them the ability to do that. they turned it into a nuclear weapon, and they are clearly trying to make nuclear warheads so they can hit us with them. >> that's just it. the problem is we should do something. from all the stuff that tboft is telling us about the interior, they are a paper giant. but they got nothing else. what did everyone learn? we don't do -- oh woo -- we do crap until they get their hands on a nuclear weapon. we did it with iran and then what happened there? that's the message we are giving to our enemies. we will interfere as much as possible, but when you get the nuclear weapon, hands-off. i feel they need to shake up the game. >> that's what happened with north korea. when they get the choice of it is a hands-off approach. there is the abilit
breaking news just coming into the fox newsroom. south korea has just reported that north korea has fired a long range rocket in a defiant move. you may remember could go as f.a.a. away from the united states it was a dud ant went into the ocean. tonight at least our time here in the united states short time ago. fired a long range rocket again. we know that consequences may be coming as a result of this. i'm sure you know north korea in recent months has a new leader kim the younger we have called him. the son of kim jong ilment long-time dictator there but now in a defiant move against the rest of the world, the north koreans have fired a long range missile. what happened to it? we don't yet know. it's a busy night in the fox newsroom. we will keep you updated on breaks in o'reilly. now here he is. >> bill: bill -- big trouble in michigan. give employees the option not to join a union. president obama doesn't like that at all. >> what we shouldn't be doing is your rights to bargain for better wages. we shouldn't do that. these so-called right-to-work laws they don't have anything to do
towards the united states, but towards south korea. and the result is that tensions increase there and it makes the concern about some kind of miscalculation that much greater. >> and there was one thing you said. you said you weren't -- you were still determining whether it was a success or not. is that still something that the u.s. is not sure about? >> no, i think we still have to assess just exactly what happened here. track, you know -- we had radar tracking the flight of that, to be able to analyze exactly what happened during the course of that flight, the various stages. and then most importantly, the final stage, to determine really whether or not that did work effectively, or whether it tumbled into space. i mean, that's the issue that we need to assess. >> and we will have more from erin's interview with secretary panetta a little later on in the program. but i want to bring in james spyder marks, retired u.s. army general, who served as a senior intelligence officer in korea, and also victor cha, who served as director of asian affairs in the white house from 2004
-man mission. it means countries like japan, south korea, and south africa will be able to carry out the search and exploration on the lunar surface. 40 years ago, only the vast resources of the u.s. could send astronauts to the moon. now, there is no political will or the money to do it again. according to one of the last man to set foot on the moon, it will be the private sector from now on that will lead the way back. >> it will be an entrepreneurial effort by private investors to -- obviously regulated and stationed by government -- but nevertheless managed by the private sector. i think government is too inefficient to make those costs come down to the point where would be economic. >> some experts think the idea is too ambitious. >> they do not have the money. they have not picked the hardware, developed the hardware. i am skeptical, at least on the times delaware they are talking about, this can go from an idea to our reality. >> some believe there will be another era of space exploration, taking a new generation back to the moon and even beyond. >> amazing, if expensive. that brings to
with four years earlier. >>> coming up next, tensions are escalating again between north and south korea. what is being planned days ahead of south korea's presidential election. and a tourist is attacked by a what are you doing there? i making crescent bacon cheddar pinwheels. wow, i'm impressed! [ ding ] dad, the cable's out! you got that right? [ kiss ] thank you ♪ [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. >> good saturday morning. we have on and off rain showers throughout the morning hours but the next storm and the last big powerful storm to hit the bay area is still slated to come in late tonight into tomorrow. look at live doppler 7 hd. you see it updating right now. we have a few light showers around the bay from santa rosa off the coast to the peninsula. they are very light and widely scattered. more to the south around watsonville. the winds are breezy. they h
and south korea say it is a cover for tests ballistic technology. monday, north korea said a technical glitch would delay the launch until this month. the international community got an unwelcome surprise. i am joined now with the latest. north korea says the launch was to put a satellite in orbit. they say it was successful. the international community believes it is a cover story for ballistic missile test. what's the latest you are hearing from seoul? >> a half hour ago, north korean television held a special broadcast. it is unusual for them to do this and we had a news reader from north korea who was jubilant and excited in announcing this rocket launch was a success. and also announcing the satellite had entered pre-set orbit. of course north korea has claimed success in the face of failure before. we need to wait for official confirmation. we understand that the united states and south korean officials are working closely to try to figure out whether it is a success. as far as the north koreans are concerned, they say it was. . obviously often they do announce things for audienc
. we are facing many challenges in our relations with china, south can korea and even the united states on which japan's security is based. strengthening u.s./japan alliance is the first step towards rebuilding japan's diplomacy and security. >> abe promised his government would take the lead in rebuilding northeastern japan. he will achieve results as soon as possible to regain the trust of the japanese people. he said his cabinet is designed to overcome crisis. he was elected as prime minister, a post he held before between 2006 and 2007. he's the first politician in 64 years to return to the position after resigning. abe filled the cabinet with familiar faces and new ones. he appointed suga as chief cabinet secretary. that makes him the head government spokesperson. aso is his deputy. he will serve as finance minister and financial services minister. the new foreign minister is fumio kishida. he served in the previous cabinet. onodera is defense minister. he's well versed in dip ro mat tick and security issues. he chaired a lower house committee in okinawa and the northern territorie
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